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Raised in Chicago Illinois by Claudia and Eddie “Lovie Lee” Watson, Douglas Watson was born to sing R&B, Soul, Gospel, Funk, Motown & Blues. His first love was the Church where he learned to cherish the soulful sounds of Gospel music. He later branched out into the world of Rhythm and Blues encouraged and inspired by his father. His step-brother, the late Carey Bell also provided inspiration.

At an early age, Douglas learned to love music and performing from Lovie Lee, who throughout his career, played with Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, and the Muddy Waters band. This mentoring from the best, combined with years of performing, has also made Douglas a superb, seasoned bass guitarist.

Douglas has played with many well known artists such as Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lonnie Brooks, Bonnie Raite, and has toured with A.C. Reed and the Sparkplugs for nine years.

After leaving A.C. Reed and the Sparkplugs Douglas decided to go out & establish his own career. In 1990, he settled in London, Ontario and establishing his own band, ‘Douglas Watson and The Hot Flames’. They rekindled the spirit of Rhythm and Blues to packed clubs in & around London. In the summer of 1997, Douglas was invited to join Jordan Patterson and the D.C. Hurricane. They received tremendous acclaim and recognition for their high energy, crowd pleasing performances.

Most recently Douglas moved to Kitchener Ontario. He has put together a band (The R&B Revue Kings) that provide the hottest backup band he has worked with to date. Besides his original material, Douglas covers Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett & Al Green just to name a few. He opened for BB King & James Brown, receiving great reviews. His talents have taken him across Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States. Douglas has been noted for his "full throated vocal style...that is matched by few”. His full range and style have brought him much acclaim from some of the most respected R&B vocalists in the industry. It has recently been written about Douglas that, "He is one of the finest R&B vocalists and frontmen on the Canadian Scene." James Brown ‘The Godfather of Soul’, even acknowledged to Douglas; “I heard you out there…You're Good, real good.” Bruce Hall of the ’Grand River Blues Society’ has dubbed Douglas as, ‘The man with the Million Dollar voice!

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Recently described in print as an "often over looked local guitar hero", Chris Latta has quietly made an impression on more than a few music lovers in Southern Ontario and abroad. With a style that is smooth, tasteful and which seamlessly melds the influences of many eras of music, many more people are sure to take notice.

Chris's journey with the electric guitar began at the age of 6 when a large parcel from a long lost relative arrived on the door step, addressed to the youngster. That parcel contained a guitar which became the "toy" of choice for many years to come. After some informal lessons in his early teens, Chris began to pursue the guitar with a greater passion and studied, by ear, all of his guitar heroes from the blues masters to the classic hard rockers of the 60's and 70's. Many long hours of woodshedding paid quick dividends and as a 17 year old, Chris began to gig as much as he could with local rock and blues bands.

In 1993, he was one of few area guitarists to audition for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Los Angeles. In the years to follow, Latta would apply his playing style to many different projects, performing and recording with local country artists, an instrumental jazz-rock fusion band and other blues and rock cover bands. 1997-98 saw Latta hit the road with "Jordan Patterson and the D.C Hurricane" , a high energy funk and blues outfit based out of Washington, D.C. The band toured the North American club and festival circuit extensively and became known for its exciting live show. It was during this period that Chris was honoured to share the bill with the one and only James Brown.

Today, Chris Latta continues to garner the respect of his peers and the appreciation of an ever widening audience with his distinctive and passionate approach to the guitar. You can currently hear Chris perform with "High Diving Act"(classic rock), "The Douglas Watson R+B Revue"(blues and r+b),Sharon Musgrave(jazz and r+b). Go to and click on "Appearing" for Chris's live performance schedule.

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Pete was born in Toronto on Nov 21 1950. He started trumpet lessons at 9 yrs of age. He learned guitar at age 14 and was self taught. His 1st harmonica was purchased at 16 yrs old after discovering British Blues as an offshoot of the main Beatles, Stones, Eric Burdon phenomenon. The Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall led him to discover the originators of amplified harp in Chicago Blues. Little Walter, Big Walter, Carey Bell, Howlin Wolf & Paul Butterfield started him off on his harmonica journey. Now 40 years later….

Currently with The Douglas Watson R&B Revue, (Toronto Blues Society 2007 winner top new talent/band in Canada), as well as the Waterstreet Blues band.

Specializes in all styles of harp playing incl Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Reggae. Plays LEE OSKAR Harmonica’s

Major influences include Little Walter, Big Walter, James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, Richard ‘King Biscuit Boy’ Newell, Magic Dick, Lee Oskar, Kim Wilson, Sugar Ray Norkia, & Charlie Musselwhite

A lot people ask about the nickname 'Mississippi Pete' when he is not from Mississippi. It comes from the early slang term for a harmonica, that is, a 'Mississippi Saxaphone'. So instead of 'Harmonica Pete' people called him 'Mississippi Pete'!

Pete recorded live on Canada AM 2004 with Waterstreet Blues Band. He has guest credits on over 5 CD’s with Brandon Alexander, Chris Miles, Pat Temple & High Lonesome Players, Dorianne Forester & Greg Todd On stage appearances with Jeff Healy, Jack DeKeyzer, Mel Brown, Kelly Hoppe, The Perpetrators, Stacy Mitchhart, Bernard Allison, Cheryl Lescom, Pat Temple & High Lonesome Players.

Pete dedicates his live performances and records to his father 'Bud' who gave them, (his 6 children) the gift of music. His dad was an accomplished stride piano player, who entertained as an enlistee in the Air Force in WW2. Music helped pay his way thru University during the swing era. At home the kids heard Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Smith, Jack Teagarden, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra just to name a few who influenced him, and by extension, the other kids. He continued to play till his passing at 82 yrs of age. Out of 6 kids 3 became professional musicians and the other 3 are active in some capacity.Pete is part of the musical legacy he left.

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Maciej showed musical interest since 5 years old.
At the age of 13 his parents decided to enrol him in a musical school after seeing his musical interests. The first thought was to let him learn piano, however there were no funds to buy the instrument at the time. His brother Robert learned a few basic guitar cords at a summer scout camp and showed them to Maciej. It sparked the interest and Maciej started classical guitar lessons, finishing after six years. During that time, apart from classical music Maciej would listen to popular and blues music from various records. Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Winter and Muddy Waters were the favourites. Maciej would play the rhythm guitar to those records or play the sofa with the drumsticks (a quiet substitute for a drum kit).

At the age of 16 he went to High School where he started to play drums for the High School vocal band. At the same time Maciej’s older brother was playing drums in a blues band with two of his friends (drums, bass and guitar). Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters influenced their music. Soon it was Maciej’s turn to take over the drums when his brother got drawn into army service. Maciej remembers it as the best musical experience then – practicing every week to a tight bass and a ‘story telling’ guitar. The band was pretty good. On guitar was Daniel Siarkiewicz and on bass was Mariusz ‘Dziura’. The band played for a few years, and did a live recording at a club gig, which remained their favourite till today.

Maciej came to Canada at the age 19 to London, Ontario. The musical experience continued at John Paul II High School, where together with younger brother Martin he would switch between drums and bass guitar, playing in the pop choir band under instruction of Mr. Petrasiunas.

At work Maciej met Jamie Alegra (also a drummer), who took him to one of his gigs at the Huether Hotel. That’s where Maciej met John and Darius McKinley. Many times Jamie would ask Maciej to fill in in his absence and it was a great experience.

Then I found out about other venues – the old Boomers basement bar where I met where I met Douglas Watson, Dave Rodenburg, Jimmy Boudreau, and John Lee.

It was during one of Chris’ Tuesday open mics when I was playing drums, and Douglas Watson came in. We jammed together and really liked each other’s playing.

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