Douglas grew up in Chicago and was surrounded by the blues. His father Lovie Lee (Eddie Watson) played piano from 1979 until 1983, in the last Muddy Waters Band. Carey Bell, Lurrie Bell and Eddie Clearwater were close relatives who often shared the same address. Koko Taylor, who Douglas refers to as his Godmother, was a friend of the family. Douglas played bass on several recording sessions in Chicago by artists like Lovie Lee, Blyther Smith and Vance Kelly. He is also featured along with Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Ray Vaughan on A. C. Reed’s recording, “I’m in the Wrong Business”.

When Douglas moved to London Ontario in 1989, he was known primarily as a funky bass player. His first steady gig was with the house band at the Other Side of Five. The gig lasted for 3 or 4 years. During this time Douglas began to sing and he started to get noticed as both a vocalist and as an entertainer. His singing was so impressive that he started getting gigs just to sing. He has a huge smile and an even bigger voice. His vocal style combines the power of Muddy Waters with the sweetness of Marvin Gaye.

After leaving the Other Side of Five he sang for a few years with the house band at the Old Chicago Speakeasy and Grill and then started his own band Douglas Watson and the Hot Flames. Later he toured with Jordan Patterson, Chicago Pete, Chris Murphy, Zoom and several others before he moved to Kitchener and started his current band, The Douglas Watson R & B Revue.

The new band has been together for almost 2 years and features Mississippi Pete Temple on Harmonica, Chris “Mr Sweetness” Latta on guitar and Maciej Lukasiewicz on drums. They released their first CD “Voodoo Healin’” last year. Since then gigs have been getting easier to find and they have written some catchy new tunes for a 2nd CD and now things are starting to move forward after winning the Talent Search.

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